I don't live in Calverley, can I enter the show?
Yes, you're very welcome to enter. There are a couple of trophies that are reserved for Calverley residents and allotment holders, though.
How much does it cost to enter?
Entry is free.
How many entries can I submit?
As many as you want, just one photo per entry, though.
Is there a specific size and format for the photo?
No, it's up to you, but think about whether the subject looks best in landscape or portrait format. There are some example photos in the gallery for guidance for each class.
Will everyone be able to see my photos?
After a short delay to check that they’re suitable, yes, all entries by everyone will be viewable. As in the 'normal' show, your name won't be shown until after all the entries have been judged.
Why is there a delay in my entry showing in the gallery?
Because we're allowing anyone to register on the site and then upload content. This is open to misuse, so we'll manually check each entry to make sure it’s suitable for display. We reserve the right to reject and remove inappropriate entries and, if necessary, block some users from the site
Can I amend my entry?
Yes, for example you can change the class entered, replace the original photograph and amend any text. Amended entries will be rechecked for suitability, so there will again be a delay before it appears in the gallery. You can also delete an entry.
I don't have any way of uploading photos, can I send prints?
Sorry, we can only accept online entries. However, if you live in Calverley, contact us and we'll try and arrange photography and online entry on your behalf.
Why do I need to give you an email address to register? What will you use it for?
Your email address is unique and will be your username for logging into the website. It is also needed if you forget your password. We won't use it for anything else or pass it on to anyone. It's not displayed on the site and will be deleted once the show is over.
How can children submit entries?
If they have their own email address they can register in their own name. They can also submit entries via a parent's login. The actual exhibitor name can replace the account name on individual entries.
What are the prizes?
We have certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The judges may also award a highly commended certificate. Most of the usual CHS trophies will be awarded, these are either for one specific class, or for achieving the most points in a number of classes. Details are in the schedule. Trophy winners names will be engraved on it.
What's the deadline for entries?
Midnight on 23rd August 2020.
How will I know if I've won?
Winners will be announced on this website at 10am on 29th August 2020.
What happens after the winners have been selected?
The website will be continue to be accessible so that people have a opportunity to see the complete show. You retain all the rights to your photographs but we may use them to set up a physical display and to promote next year's Centenary Show.
Where can I see more details about the show?
There is a printed schedule that's also available as a PDF download from this site