Handicrafts / Recycled Article - large scale class

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"Hand made salad trug, recycled from old decking board offcuts, lined with old plastic bags which originally contained bark mulch. Painted with old spare paint."

Hazel Jackson

"Robin / Wren bird box made to an RSPB design from an old wooden shelf and a bike tyre."

Nathan Crossley

"Housed on a large trug recycled into a wildflower "lawn"..."

Sally Birkbeck

"made from 2 yellow plastic baskets and moss from a lawn."

Heather Campbell

"Hector was made from my old clothes with a sack for his head. He is stiffed with empty chicken feed bags. He's doing a wonderful job keeping the birds off my veggie plot."

Tony Stones

"Tiggers “Garden Cat House” Recycled from old pallets, a piece of old roofing felt and a small piece of spare Perspex for the window. Old spare cushions and a very, very old blanket make it comfy and warm inside. He loves it!!"

Hazel Jackson

"New cover and socks for an old stool - looked better before tbh!!!"

Shelley Tyson

"Old sewing box fixed, painted, decoupaged, lined and used for jewellery."

Shelley Tyson

"Recycled pair of ladies jeans transformed into a handbag - lined with a butterfly fabric and matching tie , featuring an internal zip pocket"

Helen Verity

"Covered chair with matching cushion."

Pat Bottomley

Brian Kendrick

"Planter made from reclaimed decking"

Anne Akers