Children's / Lockdown Art - children (under 12) class

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"A knight By Will Gamble aged 4½ Learning how to draw during lockdown from you tube lessons... With no help ."

Will Gamble

"A dinosaur ,a rabbit and a Leopard by Will Gamble age 4¼"

Will Gamble

"A Mermicorn Lockdown positivity card by Victoria Gamble 6¾ years"

Victoria Gamble

"This label came with their creations... Lockdown was a nice, creative time in many ways Just a comment to go with Victoria and William Gamble's entry"

Helen Hammond

"This work created 2020 is submitted by Pat Kelly as proxy for his granddaughter Phoebe Kelly who lives in Australia and 11 years old."

Phoebe Kelly

"Zentangle animals - 11 years old"

Eliza Marjoram

"Boggy and Pile - a Lockdown cartoon that made us smile (Aged 11 years)"

Eliza Marjoram

Rebecca Piper