Photography / Judges' Choice class

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"I resqued this geranium from my Biology lab when school broke down, and it's been thriving in my back garden. This photograph was taken when I was encouraging younger students to change perspectives when looking at plants."

Camilla Wold

"I know this is probably not what the judge wants, but I love the colours of the beetroot I've grown on the allotment. These are on their way to becoming beetroot crisps"

Anne Akers

Beverley Smith

Nathan Crossley

Nathan Crossley

Shirley Taylor

Caroline Smith

Janice Kathleen Wedgwood

"This is the front garden of our friends house where we keep a beehive with their hives. They are on the other side of the valley looking on to Calverley. Their garden is a treasure trove of beautiful plants & flowers. We've spent many of the lockdown days in their front garden attending the bees."

Jane Tesseyman

Jacquie Walker

"I ❤️ my chocolate cake made with a tin of chick peas. Hey and it's one of your five a day! Yummy!"

Beverley Smith

Helen Hammond