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Class 13 Veg&Fruit: Four Coloured Potatoes

Four Coloured Potatoes

Class 14 Veg&Fruit: Four White Potatoes

Four White Potatoes

Class 15 Veg&Fruit: Six Cherry Tomatoes

Six Cherry Tomatoes

Class 16 Veg&Fruit: Three stems of Rhubarb

Three stems of Rhubarb

Class 17 Veg&Fruit: Four different vegetables

Four different vegetables

Class 18 Veg&Fruit: Four Apples - Culinary

Four Apples - Culinary

Class 19 Veg&Fruit: Four Apples - Dessert

Four Apples - Dessert

Class 20 Veg&Fruit: Soft and stone fruit

Soft and stone fruit

Class 21 Veg&Fruit: Humorously shaped vegetable

Humorously shaped vegetable

Class 22 Veg&Fruit: Pot of Chilli Peppers

Pot of Chilli Peppers

Class 23 Giant Veg: Longest Runner Bean

Longest Runner Bean

Class 24 Giant Veg: Heaviest Cabbage

Heaviest Cabbage