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Class 13 Vase of mixed perennials

One photo. Home grown flowers in your own vase, viewed from the front


Class 14 Vase of Mixed Dahlias

One photo. Own vase, 3-6 stems of any dahlia type grown by you. Can be mixed.


Class 15 Pot Plant individual or display

One photo. Can be in bloom, just foliage or a cactus. Can be an arrangement of pot plants or a single plant


Class 16 Floral Front Garden

One photo of your front garden looking its floral best


Class 17 Floral Back Garden

One photo of your back garden, any aspect, large or small


Class 18 Hanging Basket or Door Wreath

One photo of a hanging basket you have planted up or door wreath you have made


Class 19 Garden Pot

One photo of a large garden pot, barrel, basket or other container you have planted up


Class 20 Lockdown Cake! "What no flour?"

One photo. Any cake made without flour, tell us the ingredients (no need to share your secret recipe, though!)


Class 21 Cup cakes

One photo. Four decorated cupcakes


Class 22 Showstopper Cake

One photo. Decorated cake with the theme of "Flowers"


Class 23 Lockdown Art – painting or drawing

One photo of your artwork. Any medium, any surface (e.g. paper, wall) with the themes: Landscape, portrait, abstract. Can be iPad art.


Class 24 Lockdown Knits

One photo. Any knitted article or garment