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Class 25 Embroidery

One photo. Can be cross stitch


Class 26 Handmade garment

One photo. Can be hand or machine sewn


Class 27 Handmade Toy

One photo. Can be knitted, sewn, wooden etc


Class 28 Handmade Article - small scale

One photo. Can be any handmade item - jewellery, mosaic etc


Class 29 Handmade Article - needlefelt

One photo. Additional class because there were so many good needlefelt entries.


Class 30 Recycled Article - large scale

One photo of something you've made from recycled/repurposed materials

Floral Art

Class 31 Floral Fantasia

One photo. "A life after lockdown!"

Floral Art

Class 32 Jam Jar Blooms

One photo. A floral arrangement in a jam jar – any size


Class 33 Lockdown Life – look at my garden

One photo capturing your time in your garden.


Class 34 Lockdown Life - heroes

One photo of a person/people who have inspired you during lockdown.


Class 35 Judges' Choice

Extra class to showcase excellent images from non-photography classes, chosen by a panel of judges


Class 36 Lockdown Art - children (under 12)

One photo. Any drawing, painting, collage or iPad art. Original class split by age.