And the winners are......

  • Trophy
    Awarded to
  • The Edward and Sheila Garnett Trophy for the most points in the Show by a Calverley resident/allotment holder
    This trophy is awarded to the best all rounder with skills in growing veg, flowers, baking and making. The person with the most prizes is Deborah Howard with prizes in fruit, veg, baking, and a variety of flower classes, closely followed by Lorna Muir and Hazel Jackson with strong winning entries in the handicraft classes.
  • The J Aubrey Grimshaw Rose Bowl for the best individual exhibit in the Flowers and Vegetables Sections
    Best exhibit in Flowers and Vegetables: Nathan Crossley for the winning Trug.
  • The C.R.A.G. Rose Bowl for the best Calverley gardener
    This trophy was for the best overall gardener in Calverley with the four new classes of front and back gardens, hanging basket and garden pot. The prize is awarded jointly to John Timms Jr. and Lorna Muir who both won a class each and are joint winners. Betty Wilson scored well with her back garden display.
  • The Councillor Wylde Cup for the most points in the Flower Section
    This is the trophy for most points in the Flowers section and was won by Bev Smith with prizes in the Annual Flowers and front garden classes, very closely followed by Elaine Stones and Pat Kelly who tied on the same number of points.
  • The Dr N Hughes Cup for the most points in the Vegetables & Fruit Section
    This is the trophy for the most points in the Veg section, demonstrating all round skill in vegetable growing. Bryan Thomson was the clear winner, with a cluster of accomplished veg growers on his heels: Raymond Higgins was second, with Nathan Crossley third and Allen Lockhart in fourth place.
  • The Bannister Trophy - Calverley Allotment Champion
    Best Trug by a Calverley Allotment holder. This was awarded to Nathan Crossley.
  • The Scott Trophy for the most points in Baking
    This is the trophy for the Star Baker and is awarded for the baker with the most points in the three classes. The winner is Kirstie Marjoram who won the Showstopper and decorated Cup Cake classes. Hot on her heels was Matt Livesey who demonstrated that he adapted well to the lack of wheat flour during lockdown, winning 1st and 3rd in the "no Flour" class.
  • The Gibson Wells Trophy for the outstanding Handicraft exhibit
    Best Handicraft entry - Helen Hammond for the needle felted Sheep.
  • The Paine Trophy for the best Art exhibit
    Best art exhibit awarded to Raymond Higgins for the Crows painting.
  • The Harper Trophy for the best Floral Art exhibit
  • The President's Junior Cup for the best children's exhibit
    Best Childrens entry overall - Jemima Kelly for the Chimpanzee Eyes painting.
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